Coaching for Clinical Leaders

Coaching for Clinical Leaders

Whether you’re an existing clinical leader or looking at the next stage in your career development, coaching for clinical leaders will help you to optimise your performance. Coaching will help you to achieve your professional goals, manage your energy levels, model effective behaviours for your people and reduce the likelihood of burnout.

Coaching for clinical leaders will help you to:

  • Create sustainable high performance
  • Be an authentic leader
  • Maintain focus
  • Manage stress
  • Develop resilience
  • Avoid burnout
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Look at ways to develop a growth mindset
  • Manage imposter syndrome
  • Learn tools to increase calm in your day
Coaching for physician leaders
Coaching for physician leaders

How does coaching for clinical leaders work?

During our first session we’ll identify the areas that you would like to work on. We’ll work on a coaching action plan together at a pace that suits you. Your coach will work with you, using structured sessions informed by research to equip you with psychological skills and strategies to increase your resilience. Some people choose to have just one session, others continue over a period of months. We’ll navigate your coaching journey with you and build coaching sessions around your commitments.

What will I receive?

When you commit to coaching session you’ll receive:

  • Coaching session one to one via your preference of Skype, Google Hangout or phone.
  • Printable exercises and worksheets that you can work through at your own pace.
  • Links to additional free resources including videos, toolkits, research, articles and podcasts.
  • Monthly online support group with other healthcare professionals.
  • Email support from to answer questions and keep you focused.

We coach over the phone, with Skype or Google Hangouts. Sessions last for 1 hour. The resilient doctor provides a reduced rate for healthcare professionals of £125 an hour. If you book a course of six coaching sessions there is a further reduction to £625.

The Benefits of Coaching for Clinical Leaders

  • Develop skills that will serve you throughout your professional career
  • Gain clarity around your core values & learn how to embed these into your day to day life
  • Feel more in control and able to manage professional goals
  • Improve your stress management techniques and strategies
  • Feel good again about what you do
  • Benefit from the latest research into sustainable performance
  • Develop a better understanding of how to master challenges that come your way

Why choose coaching with The Resilient Doctor?

The Resilient Doctor was founded by Gill Thackray in response to requests for a comprehensive resilience resource for doctors. She first began working in the field of resilience whilst working in United Nations refugee camps. Since then she has worked internationally as a business psychologist with elite sporting bodies such as the Football Association and UK Sport to build resilience and optimise sustainable performance.

Her client list includes Fortune 100 companies, the United Nations, Health Education England, Great Ormond Street Hospital, British Society for Rheumatology, Prostate Cancer, Cancer Research UK, BBC, University College of Osteopathy, Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Ernst and Young, Chartered Institute of Accountants for England and Wales, Lancaster University Bonington Leadership Programme, London School of Economics, Google, Natural History Museum and the V&A amongst others. Gill is the author of ‘Mindfulness Coach’ and the ‘Positivity Coach’ both due December 2020 published by Michael O’Mara Books, London.

Her expertise in resilience means that she is a frequent conference contributor as well as contributing to publications including The Guardian, Ultra Sport, Thrive Global and Success Magazine amongst others.

Gill has undertaken research into leadership resilience with Aberdeen University, examining the efficacy of mindfulness interventions upon leadership resilience, emotional intelligence and compassion. The Resilient Doctor draws upon this extensive experience of working with thousands of people working in the health service, private sector and tech start ups. We are trusted to distill the latest research in resilience, providing proven practical strategies to manage stress, develop resilience and optimise sustainable performance.

Coaching for healthcare professionals
Coaching for healthcare professionals
Coaching for healthcare Organisations
Coaching for healthcare Organisations

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